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SCED 480 A - 'fl FFLLflln-z-c—I"II"...

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Unformatted text preview: 'fl' FFLLflln-z-c—I-"II . " a "WlSL'Wf‘tL-L'lfl’]. _-,-~_ ' r- '\ r. I“; CDF‘LE pt. fir" J'NDHTHCASCfiDES Sciai’icmé Partnership '" at Key Findings from How People Learn we m H 1. Students come to the classroom with preconceptions .+.. i. d Jflf. about how the world works. If their initial understanding mm ..-.. r .H is not engaged, they may fail to grasp the new concepts I” '1 a“: and information that are taught, or they may learn them Sffmd for purposes of a test but revert to their preconceptions 3.1“.er outside the classroom. f1- ID~ f on ; 910$, 2. To develop competence in an area of inquiry, students must: (a) have a deep foundation of factual knowledge, (13) understand facts and ideas in the context of a conceptual framework, and (c) organize knowledge in ways that facilitate retrieval and application. 3. A “metacognitive” approach to instruction can help students learn to take control of their own learning by defining learning goals and monitoring their progress in achieving them. Tina”, .33 also .2 , _.:=-.~r a lap-mugs. m '* under grant No. DU E4131 506D. ...
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