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EGR75L: Torsion Laboratory Report Guidelines Please include the following sections in your lab report. It is completely acceptable and expected that you reference the lab manual in your report. Please cover all of the topics below, but be concise in doing so. Background and Objectives Present clearly the background material necessary to understand this lab (including any necessary equations and discussion of relevant theories that are important to the lab) and state the point of the lab. This section should draw heavily from the lab manual. Methods and Materials Explain any materials that were used and the methods that you used to accomplish the lab. This includes the data from Table 1 of the lab manual. Referencing the lab manual is acceptable in
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Unformatted text preview: this section. Results, Error Analysis, and Discussion Please complete items 1-8 in section 4.1 of the lab manual in this section. For item 9 note that Mohrs c ircle can be used to predict the failure plane here. This will be covered later in the course, thus you are not required to include a prediction of the failure plane in your report. However, please indicate the failure plane of your experimental specimen. Conclusions What conclusions can you draw from this lab? You dont need t o rehash the previous sections, but clearly present answers to the goals of the lab. What did you learn? Were you actually able to accomplish the goals of the lab? What else could you do to improve your results? Good Luck!...
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