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BME 100L. Modeling Cellular and Molecular Systems Spring 2009 Tu Th 8:30 to 9:45AM in Hudson 125 This course is an introduction to mathematical modeling of kinetic processes in cellular and molecular systems. It also discusses applications of these models in biotechnology. The topics include: thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium and kinetics, enzyme kinetics, DNA denaturation and rebinding, regulation of gene expression, and signal transduction in cells. Laboratory experiments are also included to help learn the concepts in the class. Course objectives 1. Introduce topics of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics with applications to biological systems 2. Develop mathematical processes to describe reaction processes at the cellular and molecular levels 3. Use MATLAB to develop and apply models 4. Perform experiments that demonstrate concepts presented in class 5. Provide opportunities for students to develop written communication skills Prerequisites: Mathematics 103 and Biology 25 or equivalent. Required Textbook : Tinoco, I, Sauer, K., Wang, J.C., Puglisi, J.D. (2002). Physical Chemistry. Principles and Applications in Biological Systems . Fourth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ Reference Texts 1. Lodish, H, Berk, A, Zipursky, SL, Matsudaira, P. (2004). Molecular Cell Biology . 5 th Edition. WH Freeman and Company. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 08/03/2009 for the course BME 100 taught by Professor Yuan during the Spring '07 term at Duke.

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BME_100_2009Spring_1-3 - BME 100L. Modeling Cellular and...

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