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Review topics for BME100 Exam 2. Lingchong You General comments: Covers chapters 7, 8 (supplemented with notes) [Homework sets 5, 6, 7] The exam will be close book and close note. But major equations will be provided for your reference – you probably won’t use all of these. The exam will focus on testing your understanding of the materials. A quick guide is to look through the summary sections of the chapters we’ve covered. When provided a set of equations, you should be able to use the proper ones to solve a problem. All exam questions will be variants of examples discussed during the lectures, lab projects, and homework sets. Make sure you understand these materials. Specific concepts: 1. Basic kinetics o Elementary vs complex reactions o Reaction order o Analysis of first order and second order kinetics o Half life and relaxation time for a substance that is degrading
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Unformatted text preview: o Steady state and quasi steady state o Equilibrium and quasi equilibrium 2. Enzyme kinetics o Derivation and application of Michaelis-Menten kinetics o Able to linearize MM kinetics in different forms o Calculation of initial rates based on enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, and Km o Able to use simplify MM kinetics depending on the specific parameters and initial conditions (for instance, MM is zeroth order in [S] if [S]>>Km, and it is the first order if [S]<<Km) o Inhibition of Michaelis-Menten kinetics o Calculation of optimal substrate concentration in the case of substrate inhibition During Exam: 1) Strategize your time. Finish the easy problems first. 2) Write down your assumptions in your derivation of calculation clearly. You may get partial credits even if you can’t provide completely correct answer for the problem....
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