HW2_BME153_S09 - BME 153L - Spring 2009 Homework 2: More...

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Unformatted text preview: BME 153L - Spring 2009 Homework 2: More Circuits and Circuit Variables Introduction The problems for this week focus on circuit solution methods and measurement devices. Homework Format Guidelines Please follow the guidelines below for homework solution presentation. It is required that you follow each guideline carefully. Following the format guidelines promotes accurate grade records and decreases the likelihood of lost assignments in the grading process. As you will find, it will also lead to reduced solution troubleshooting time. (1) Always draw the circuit or diagram for every homework problem involving a circuit or diagram. (2) You are required to label the elements with symbols (eg. R 1 etc.), solve the problem symbolically first, and then plug in the numerical values. (3) Present your solutions to homework problems in the same order they are assigned. (4) Do NOT write down any numerical answer printed in the book if your work does not lead to it. (5) Staple in the upper left corner with your name, date, and assignment number, printed in the upper right corner. (6) You may work in pencil or pen (or tablet printout) but in any case, your work needs to be legible and needs to clearly demonstrate your train of thought. (7) You should clearly indicate final answers either by putting boxes or circles around them or some other easy-to-spot and professional-looking method. (8) Staple any required computer code or computer outputs to your problem solutions, making sure they are clearly labeled. Anytime you use code to solve a problem (MATLAB, xMaple, etc.) you must also include the relevant code and figures....
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This note was uploaded on 08/03/2009 for the course BME 153 taught by Professor Malkin during the Spring '07 term at Duke.

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HW2_BME153_S09 - BME 153L - Spring 2009 Homework 2: More...

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