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BME 153L - Spring 2009 Homework 7: Phasors and AC Circuit Analysis Introduction The problems for this assignment focus on using phasors to solve circuits. Assignment Remember, each Part needs to be turned in separately, so when you turn in this particular assignment you should have four things to turn in, each stapled and with your name and NET ID clearly identiFed on at least the Frst page and at best each page. If you choose to use Maple to help solve systems of simultaneous equations, be sure to put your name, the name of the assignment, and the date at the top of the Maple script and turn the script in with your homework. Part I: (a) Chapter 4, Problem 43.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Chapter 4, Problem 47. Part II: (a) Chapter 4, Problem 50. Note that you need to express i 3 ( t ) as a function of time - be sure to convert from phasor notation. (b) Chapter 4, Problem 74. Part III: Chapter 4, Problem 75. Part IV: Chapter 4, Problem 81. Note that you are not required to solve the equations, just to write them. As an aside, the Fgure for this problem is ±awed as it mixes the time-domain ( v s and the element values) with the frequency domain (the mesh currents). So, part of the assignment will be for you to draw the circuit properly in each domain. Copyright 2009, Gustafson Hwk 7 – 1...
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