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HW11_BME153_S09 - (c Chapter 13 Problem 58 Note that 0...

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BME 153L - Spring 2009 Homework 11: Big Box of Random Introduction The problems for this assignment focus on logic, transformers, and diodes. Assignment Remember, each Part needs to be turned in separately, so when you turn in this particular assignment you should have four things to turn in, each stapled and with your name and NET ID clearly identified on at least the first page and at best each page. If you choose (or are required) to use a computational tool, be sure to put your name, the name of the assignment, and the date at the top of the worksheet or script and turn the script in with your homework. Part I: Note - this part focuses almost exclusively on Chapter 13.4. In all cases, you may limit yourself to sum-of-products realizations. (a) Chapter 13, Problem 38. Also realize F , using AND, OR, and NOT gates. Use only two-input AND and OR gates. (b) Chapter 13, Problem 41. Use only two-input AND and OR gates.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Chapter 13, Problem 58. Note that 0 should be considered divisble by 3. Part II: Note - this part focuses almost exclusively on Chapter 7.3. (a) Chapter 7, Problem 43. (b) Chapter 7, Problem 46. (c) Chapter 7, Problem 47. Part III: (a) Chapter 9, Problems 7 & 8. (b) Chapter 9, Problem 9-12. (c) Chapter 9, Problem 24. Note that the voltage transfer characteristic sketch will be v o ( t ) as a function of v S ( t ) while the sketch of the output waveform will be v o ( t ) as a function of t . You can make a plot if you’d like, but only a sketch is required. Part IV: (a) Chapter 9, Problem 45. (b) Chapter 9, Problem 64. Make two sketches - one for the problem as shown and another if the 0.6 Ω resistor has a 97.4 Ω resistor placed in series with it (pretend there is such a thing as a 97.4 Ω resistor. ..). Copyright 2009, Gustafson Hwk 11 – 1...
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