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Unformatted text preview: BME 153L.1 – Spring 2009 Test 1 Coverage (1) Basic electrical entities - be able to fill in the following chart: Name Variable Units Equation charge q Coulombs (C) q ( t ) = q ( t ) + integraltext t t i ( τ ) dτ current i Amperes (A) i = dq dt work w Joules (J) voltage v Volts (V) v = dw dq power p Watts (W) p = dw dt = vi resistance R Ohms (Ω) R = v i conductance G mhos ( agemO ) (2) Power - know three equations that can be used to calculate power in a resistive element and know the difference between absorbed power and delivered power. Be able to solve circuit variables using the idea that net power in a circuit is zero. (3) Sources - know the four kinds of dependent source and the properties of sources (i.e. current sources can have any voltage across them and voltage sources can have any amount of current through them). (4) Ohm’s Law - know Ohm’s Law and the requirement of the passive sign convention for resistors....
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