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17-18 - 17-13 The W 12 X 87 structural A66 steel column has...

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Unformatted text preview: 17-13. The W 12 X 87 structural A66 steel column has a length of 12 ft. If its bottofii end is fixed slipperted while its top is free, determine the largest axial load it can support. Use a factor of safety math respect to buckling of 1.75. must “use? :,=mm‘ .r,=241in' {controls} K=2.0 :23: _ s1(29}{10’;1{241) PM = ""— " (KL? (autumn)! = 331.63 kip P=‘IPc—l+= m =4Tfilu'p Ana F.S 1.?5 Check: F 4'35 . a =..-_-_...=13.6ks1<cr 0K ‘" a 5.6 r ...
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