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Num_1 - moment of area should be computed about a...

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EGR75L: Numerical Assignment #1 Area, Centroid and Second Moment of Area Due date: Tuesday, March 3 rd . The following is a shape that can be thought of as the cross section of a beam. For future analysis you may need to know the area, the location of the centroid, and the second moment of area (also known as the moment of inertia). The assignment is to find these values using Matlab (the ‘quad’ function). The second
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Unformatted text preview: moment of area should be computed about a horizontal axis that passes through the centroid, and then about the x-axis. This shape is simple enough that the answers can be checked by hand (if you wish). In the coordinate system shown, the equation for the top curve is given by y = 6 − cos( x ) and for the bottom curve y = 2 + cos( x ) with units of cm. The shape is bounded by 0 and 4.8 in the x-axis....
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