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Biology 2153 Principles of Genetics COMPLETE SYLLABUS Sections 5-8 Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. Adam Hrincevich email: phone: 578-7261 office: 366 Life Sciences Bldg. office hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:10 - 1:00 PM, also by appointment Lectures: Sections 5-8: 10:40-12:00 Tuesday and Thursday A101 Life Sciences Annex Recitations/Labs: sec 5: WED 12:40-1:30 PM 108 Tureaud Daniel Deredge sec 6: WED 7:40-8:30 AM 100 Tureaud Lucas Veillon sec 7: WED 8:40-9:30 AM 100 Tureaud Lucas Veillon sec 8: WED 11:40-12:30 PM 100 Tureaud Daniel Veillon Text: REQUIRED “Genetics, from Genes to Genomes”, Hartwell et al., 3 Edition © 2008. Available in the nd LSU bookstore and vendors off-campus such as Chimes Textbook Exchange, etc. You may purchase the 2 edition instead for chapter reading assignments,. However, homework and end of chapter nd assignments will be based on the problems from the 3 edition text. rd MOODLE: From your PAWS desktop, you can access MOODLE for your section, where the class notes, review sheets, grades, and other information will be posted. Be sure to check this page regularly, as I will make announcements this way. Grade Information: Your grade in BIOL 2153 will be based on quizzes, homework assignments, regular exams, and a final exam. If you miss a quiz or an exam, there will NOT BE any make-ups offered since you are allowed to drop your lowest quiz score and also your lowest exam score (excluding the final exam). The quizzes and exams will be based on the topics discussed in lecture and on the assigned readings. Questions will not be word-for-word from the text or notes, so be sure you understand the concepts. The lecture is designed to follow and complement the book chapters, and some of the lecture material may not be in the text. Also, all material in the assigned reading, even if it was not discussed in class, may appear on the exams. The class notes we take during each lecture are designed to be an aid to note taking, not a substitute for listening to the lecture. You will be responsible for all of the information discussed in class, even if it is not outlined in the class notes. It is essential that you attend each class meeting. If you miss a class, I suggest that you get the notes from a classmate and discuss any questions that you may have about the material with me afterwards.
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BIOL_2153_Complete_Syllabus_FALL_2008 - Biology 2153...

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