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Risk Plan P = Probability that risk will occur (0-1). I = Degree of impact to the project (1-10) J = P*I = Jeopardy to the success of the project. Positive action is required if J > 6. Risk Date P I J Mitigation Strategy Incompatibility of software and hardware 29/08/09 0.5 8 4 Pre testing before start the development process Need extra time 05/10/09 0.5 8 4 Start to work on week ends or
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Unformatted text preview: do more extra hours. One of the developers may get sick. Any day 0.3 7 2.1 Share the work load among rest of the developers Extra feature will be needed 29/09/09 0.5 8 4 Outsource that task unless developers may have no idea Estimated budget will not enough 06/10/09 0.2 8 1.6 Invest more fund on the project...
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