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bible writing - In-Class Writing#1 How has the Bible...

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9/30/2008 In-Class Writing #1 How has the Bible influenced modern day America? Today the Bible is sacred to the world's 2 billion Christians and 14 million Jews. When you throw into the equation the 1.3 billion Muslims, who contend that the Bible is sacred (just not quite as much as the Koran), that means more than half of the world's population thinks more than pretty highly of this book. The Bible has influenced modern day America is several ways. Many of them go unnoticed. For example, the Bible has taught many people “how” they should lead their lives in the likeness of Jesus Christ. It is hard to say whether or not people would have evolved mostly good or mostly evil without this guidance. Any non-hypocritical Christian tries to be good to his fellow man, if we weren't taught to be nice to everybody growing up by reading the Bible, who would care about morals? People sin every day, and without God (weather he's fact or fiction) who would repent? There would also be a lot of number of priests out of a job. The most noticeable, though, is the Christmas Holiday.
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bible writing - In-Class Writing#1 How has the Bible...

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