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Taking Sides

Taking Sides - Christie Strawser Taking Sides Date...

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Christie Strawser Date Submittal: 5/20/08 Taking Sides Date Due : 5/20/08 Should the World’s Libraries be Digitized? Google is collaborating with some of the world’s most scholarly libraries to make their information partially available through its dominating online search engine. This is the topic of much controversy because it has not yet been decided if they are indeed compromising current copy right laws. The pros and cons of this issue have been fully discussed in the Taking Sides text and will be outlined here. Brendan Rapple is the author of the “Yes” article. He points out that for people who are interested in pre nineteenth century writing, finding what you are looking for can be tedious work. During his research on Vicesimus Knox, he found himself lucky that his library had recently purchased a database called Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO). It is “a database that aims to include the digital full text of all significant English-language and foreign-language titles printed in Great Britain during the eighteenth century, together with numerous important works from the Americas (322).” When this database is complete it will contain somewhere near 33 million pages of fully searchable text from close to one hundred and fifty thousand titles. The titles are based on authoritative English Short Title Catalogue bibliography, the originals coming from the British Library, among many others. He points out that this is quite a costly, but useful, investment for a library to make, saying, “only more wealthy academic institutions can afford them.” In December, 2004 Google announced its plan to collaborate with the libraries of Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford Universities, The University of Michigan and the New
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York Public Library to digitally scan books from their collections and make them searchable worldwide. The different institutions have put in place different stipulations. All seven million of The University of Michigan’s books will be scanned. Oxford’s Library will contribute an undetermined amount of its pre-1900 public domain works. NYPL will initially contribute only a subset of it non-copyrighted material. About forty thousand of Harvard’s fifteen million volumes will be digitized in its pilot project. The pilot will then be evaluated and a decision made about digitizing far larger numbers of Harvard’s volumes. The final figure for all books from all five libraries could be close to thirty million.
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Taking Sides - Christie Strawser Taking Sides Date...

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