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Chapter 5 objectives

Chapter 5 objectives - Christie Strawser Tues night cluster...

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Christie Strawser 4/2/08 Tues. night cluster Chapter 5 Objectives Abiotic factors are nonliving things that influence an organism. These factors are categorized into broad topics like Energy (like the sun), Nonliving matter(in the form of atoms), living space(particular structure and location), and ecological processes (like climate or weather). Biotic factors include all forms of life with which it interacts, like plants animals, and bacteria or viruses. (79-80) The niche of an organism is the functional role it has in its surroundings…it’s profession. This includes all the ways it affects the organisms that it interacts with as well as how it changes its physical surroundings. The description of niche also includes all the things that happen to the organism. (81) Since most of the structural, physiological, and behavioral characteristics organisms display are determined by the genes they possess, these characteristics are passed from one generation to the next when individuals reproduce. The process that leads to this close fit between the characteristics organisms display and the demands of their environment is known as natural selection. (84) The steps involved in the process of natural selection are; 1 ~ Individuals within a species show genetically determined variation; some of the variations are useful and others are not. 2 ~ Organisms within a species typically produce many more offspring than are needed to replace the parents when they die. Most of the offspring die. 3 ~ The excess number of individuals results in a shortage of specific resources.4 ~ Because of variation among individuals, some have a greater chance of obtaining needed resources and, therefore, have a greater
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likelihood of surviving and reproducing than others. 5~ As time passes and each
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