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self analysis - emphasize the attack on the dogs I also...

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Strawser 1 Self Analysis I’ve always considered myself a nervous public speaker. But in this class, I’ve found that I did not experience much anxiety. I enjoyed the speeches, had plenty of time to prepare and actually did look forward to it. The part I didn’t look forward to was watching the videotape. After viewing my video I found that I did better than I initially thought. I feel it was a positive experience because I can use that performance to build on. I feel that my introduction and conclusion were very effective. My introduction grabbed the class’s attention very quickly. My conclusion seemed to really hit home. I can say that because, a few of my classmate’s talked to me after class about the case. In the video I observed that I am loud, and confident sounding. I also have great eye contact, especially during my introduction. I used fewer hand gestures than last time, which seemed to be less distracting. The only time I really used hand gestures was to
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Unformatted text preview: emphasize the attack on the dogs. I also feel like my content was well organized and my points were clearly stated. My weaknesses included almost forgetting my visual aid. That was because I changed it at the very last second. I had included the original visual aid into my note cards and then crossed it out, thus leaving out my new visual aid. I also noticed myself crossing my legs and fiddling with my backless shoes. I would associate that to nervous energy escaping. At least it was barely noticeable, and my voice didn’t shake. Now that all is said and done, I really enjoyed the project, and felt bad for those that were so incredibly nervous. I think your class has proved me with a stable Strawser 2 foundation to move forward with my Communications Major at Lindenwood University next semester. Because of the wide variety of topics we covered I feel very confident moving forward. The speech was an excellent end to a very enjoyable class. Thank you....
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self analysis - emphasize the attack on the dogs I also...

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