Nonverbal Communication Assignment Christie Strawser 11

Nonverbal Communication Assignment Christie Strawser 11

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Nonverbal Communication Assignment Christie Strawser 11/8/07 Every Wednesday my marketing group at work has a weekly meeting. This Wednesday we had a special visitor. Her name is Melissa and she is from the marketing department at our Main Office in Cape Girardeau. Communication is vital between the two offices, and she has come to discuss different marketing techniques, organization and communication between the two offices. The first thing I noticed is how I would catch her looking at people until they looked back and then she would look away. I think the reason for this was that we talk to her on the phone every day, but this is the first time for most of us meeting her. So, I think she was comparing what she expected us to look like to what we actually look like. Since time was limited, she was trying to make a lasting imprint of us, but didn’t want us to think she was staring or judging (which she may have been).
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Unformatted text preview: The second thing I noticed was paralanguage. She is a seasoned telemarketer, or marketing rep and has been on the phone in a sales environment for several years. She has a strong, non-hesitant voice. However, when talking about the number of our appointments canceling in confirmation, she didn’t want to come right out and say that we are not setting firm appointments, so she changed her words around to get her point across without offending anyone (and it worked!). I know I’ve written more than two paragraphs, and I apologize. This was the easiest way for me to arrange my thoughts. I really liked this assignment and can already tell that I will be evaluating nonverbal communication on a day -to-day basis more intently because I have realized how it directly affects my job performance…and my paycheck!...
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