Diffusion I - Christie Strawser Personal Narrative...

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Christie Strawser 1/22/08 Personal Narrative Diffusion “Get up, it’s almost 7:30! You’re going to be late for school.” My step mom, Madonna, abruptly slams the door. I hear her shuffle to my brother’s room and repeat her self. As she stomps back up the hallway she stops to open my door, “I need you to drop your brothers off for me.” This time she hesitates to close the door. Her eyes widen. She gasps, “Who, is that?!” I slowly lower my eyes to the floor. Her voice becomes shrill as I refuse to explain to her that my boyfriend, Chris, who I had been in trouble previously for seeing behind my fathers back, was cowering in bed next to me. She proceeds to throw him out of the house…the way he came in the night before, through the window. I didn’t speak a word. What does Madonna know about being in love anyway? Her and my dad never even talk to each other. She wouldn’t understand. She won’t understand that when she decided to leave my dad two weeks ago because he refused to ground me for sneaking out, she broke any pact her and I have ever had. She’s the one who thought it was procedure to walk out, with my brother and my dog. It was over. I am my own person, and I hope to be everything she is not, loving, caring, understanding, considerate, and
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open. I will never understand why people hide behind a fake version of themselves. What is everyone so afraid of? I am not afraid. She shrieked and belittled me. I was a slut. I don’t know about love. “Bill, you’ll never believe what I found in Christie’s room,” she harshly says into the phone. She tells me that he will talk to me when he gets home from work. His disappointment shoots through me like lightning through the soft clouds, like it has so many times before. I hear her words but it sounds like she is in a bubble. Everything is slurred, but she is not drunk. Everything is blurry, but I’m perfectly
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Diffusion I - Christie Strawser Personal Narrative...

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