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Christie Strawser 2/05/08 Argument Essay Adopt When I was 16 years old our big black lab/ Weimaraner mix dog, Wolfie, passed away. My step dad adopted him from the Humane Society 10 years earlier and he was our security system at the house. Immediately after grieving my step dad went, again, to the Humane Society and told them that he needed a new big black dog. He returned, several hours later, with a small black puppy. “He’s not a big black dog,” My mom noticed out loud. “He will be soon.” My mom named him Jagger, after one of her favorite singers, and we waited. He never did get very big. But we were just as happy with him. He was lovable, friendly and protective. Adopting a dog from a sheltering facility is more rewarding than buying a dog from a breeder because you obtain the opportunity to save a life, choose a dog that is right for you, and help your local shelters continue provide the amazing services they offer. There are several reasons why people choose to buy a pure bred dog from a breeder. One reason is that they feel they have a “clean slate” to work with. They take comfort in the fact that they know how the dog has been treated it’s entire life. They conclude that because they know how it has been treated that it is less likely to have behavioral problems later in life. It is true that dogs you find in shelters have often been mistreated or neglected. However, the number one reason an owner will turn it’s dog over to a shelter is because they are moving and can not take the dog with them, not because
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of behavior problems.(
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ADOPT ONE - Christie Strawser 2/05/08 Argument Essay Adopt...

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