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METABOLIC BIOCHEMISTRY - BIBC 102 GENERAL INFORMATION – Spring 2009 INSTRUCTOR: Paul Price, 2150C Bonner Hall LECTURES: T, Th 11:00 -12:20am in York 2722 OFFICE HOURS: T, Th 12:30am to 1:30pm. PROBLEM SETS: Please obtain a problem set/answers packet from Soft Reserves. Each problem set should be worked prior to recitation section in the following week. HANDOUTS: Please obtain a handout packet from Soft Reserves before the second week in the course. This handout packet contains the pathways and diagrams that will be used in lectures, and will greatly simplify note taking for the class. RECITATIONS: The recitation sections will be devoted primarily to the solution of problems. Performance in recitation will be used to determine the grade in A/B, B/C, and C/D borderline situations. TEXT: Principles of Biochemistry th or 5 th edition of this text. The course website has a syllabus for both editions. EXAMS:
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