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Chem. 6BL Experiments 5-6 Practical Guide Dr. Sandrine Berniolles Page 1 of 3 EXPERIMENT #5 GUIDE This guide contains a list of laboratory procedures, laboratory report hints, and some of the common lab-specific questions often asked by students in this course. The identity of the author(s) of any new questions posted will remain anonymous. However, I reserve the right to modify any of the questions in order to provide clarity to the reader. Lab Procedure : DO NOT DO ANY LAB PROCEDURES INVOLVING H 2 S/THIOACETAMIDE OUTSIDE OF THE FUME HOOD! H 2 S CAN BE DEADLY! DO NOT DIRECTLY HEAT YOUR TEST TUBES WITH YOUR BUNSEN BURNER FLAME! USE A WATER BATH!! Sometimes you will obtain a precipitate that has a different color than what the lab manual indicates. In such cases, you can simply assume that you do have the metal that this precipitation would indicate ( Procedure #18 excepted!)- Though it is recommended that you check with your TA. If you obtain a white precipitate after Procedure #18 , you DO NOT have Cr ions present in your unknown ! Only a yellow precipitate (i.e. BaCrO 4 ) positively indicates Cr. A white precipitate is very likely to simply be Ba(OH) 2 (or BaSO 4 ). The Sn
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Sum08_6BL_Experiments%205-6%20Guide_sb - Chem 6BL...

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