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EE 465 : Homework 6 Due : 10/23/2008, Thursday in class. 1. Solve 4.45 (4.45) from textbook 2. Solve 4.67 (4.67) from textbook 3. Solve 5.11 (5.11) from textbook 4. Solve 5.42 (5.42) from textbook 5. Teams 1 and 2 are playing a match. The teams score points according to independent Poisson processes with respective rates λ 1 and λ 2 . If the match ends when one of the teams has scored k more points than the other, Fnd the probability that team 1 wins.
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Unformatted text preview: Hint: Relate this to the gamblers ruin problem. 6. Solve 5.73 (5.73) from textbook. (Do parts (a) and (c) only.) Problem 7 is an optional question, those who solve it will get extra credits. 7. Solve 5.12 (5.12) from textbook. Note : 5.8 (5.7) implies problem 5.8 from the ninth edition which is the same as 5.7 in the eighth edition....
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