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EE555-USC-Spring08-Silvester-HW3 Solutions - EE555...

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EE555 – Broadband Network Architectures (Spring 2009) Homework 3 - Optical Networking Due: Feb 27, 2009 Q1. The logical topology shown is implemented on an eight node passive star optical network. Each link represents the ability to transmit in either direction, i.e., there is a (logical) link from 000 to 001 AND a (logical) link from 001 to 000. a) For a uniform traffic matrix (every node sends to every other node at the same rate), what is the average path length in the virtual topology? b) How many wavelengths are needed to implement this network? c) Each wavelength can carry an OC-48 (2.5 Gbps) channel. What is the maximum end-to end traffic that the network can handle for a uniform traffic pattern? Q2. Consider a 5 node unidirectional optical ring network. A SONET OC-192 framing structure over a single wavelength is in used between adjacent nodes in the ring. There is a SONET ADM and a router attached to each node. There are two options for configuring the network. A: The virtual topology is a bidirectional 5 node ring (so there are 10 circuits.) B: The virtual topology is a fully-connected mesh, i.e., a dedicated circuit is provisioned between each source and destination (a total of 20 circuits.) a) If all circuits have the same capacity and assuming all partitionings of OC-192 (e.g. OC-3, OC-7, etc) are possible, what is the maximum capacity that can be assigned to circuits in each design? b) Given the assignment in a) and assuming a uniform traffic matrix, find the “network average delay” for the two networks. Plot your result as a function of the total network traffic γ . Q3. Consider a unidirectional 4 node ring network (1 2 3 4 1) that uses a CWDM system where each lambda carries an OC-48 SONET payload. The traffic requirement matrix is given
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This note was uploaded on 08/05/2009 for the course EE 555 taught by Professor Silvester during the Spring '08 term at USC.

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EE555-USC-Spring08-Silvester-HW3 Solutions - EE555...

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