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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ QUESTION 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1a) What is one non-Internet, network-like protocol? Answer: ZigBee 1b) How and why is it better than the Internet in its domain (or, if you prefer, how does it claim to be better)? Answer: ZigBee is a self-organizing, highly scalable, and very low bandwidth implementation of wireless mesh networks. The extremely low cost and require very little power to operate even for considerably longer periods of time. Its better than the inte because it is designed to work on extremely low data rates (250 to 20 kbps), with devices which have very low processing pow between large number of nodes or multiple clusters. 1c) To support the features in (b) in the Internet, would the Internet architecture,implementation (of existing protocols), protoco (below the application, but consistent with the existing architecture), applications, or nothing need to change? Answer: Protocols 1d) Continuing part (c), what would have to change in the Internet? Answer: The "chatty" behavior of the protocols needs to be changed along with other optimizations like low complexity and sim correction techniques. Homogeneity in data link protocols is also necessary. Support for self organization needs to be implem------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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HW2-Solution - Sheet1 Page

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