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Sheet1 Page 1 b) Key: [Patridge98a] Title: A fifty gigabit per second IP router Authors: Craig Partridge, Steve Kohalmi, Tracy Ma, John Mcallen, Trevor Mendez, Walter C. Milliken, Ronald Pettyjohn, John R c) Key idea and claim: the authors have claimed that they have build a 50 Gb/s IP router (MGR) by utilizing five new ideas: 1) e d) Novelty of the paper: the authors claimed that this paper is the first paper describing a router with this speed of routing. The
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Unformatted text preview: y e) Methodology: the authors described their design choices for their new router. They also were completing implementation of f) Paper improvement: paper could include better performance analysis or simulation. It could have better prior work history. g) Importance: for students like me this paper is important, because it shows a real implementation of a router. But generally i t...
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