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Unformatted text preview: b) What is the key, title, and authors of the paper? [Casado07b], Ethane:Taking Control of Enterprise, Martin Casado, Michael J.Freedman, Justin Pettit, Jianying Luo, Nick McKeown and Scott Shenker. c) what is the key ideas or claims of the paper (1-2 sentences)? The key idea of the paper is to allow for a centralized network management policy using a controller that performs authentication, route computation and sets up the switches in the network to route authenticated traffic. d) what is novel about the paper (1 sentence, note that this may be different than your answer to (a))? It calls for a scalable centralized mechanism to administer network policies and monitor network traffic, contrary to the distributed mechanisms that have been favored and proposed over the years. The authors have set up Ethane in a network, with a policy file written using 'POLY-ETH', a human interpretable policy writing language. e) what methodology (or methodologies) does the paper use (1-2 sentences)? It uses a centralized controller which upon registration performs address binding(IP to MAC) and also necessitates user authorization for any new flow. Once this is done it computes routes and adds entries in the flow tables of appropriate switches to route "the" flow accordingly. Everytime an authenticated switch comes across a new switch/host/user, it routes the traffic to the controller(through a separate channel) for authentication. f) what is one way the paper could best be improved (1-3 sentences)? The authors could have provided more detail on the bootstrapping mechanism initiated once the network starts. g) do you consider this paper important or not, and why (1-2 sentences)? Yes the paper is very important as it suggests a novel approach to network management that can assist in preventing security attacks on the network, fault isolation, etc. Ethane can serve as a scalable and easy to configure network management system which can be of great help in various organizations....
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