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Unformatted text preview: b) Key, Title, Authors Key: Ballani07a Title: A Study of Prefix Hijacking and Interception in the Internet Authors: Hitesh Ballani, Paul Francis, and Xinyang Zhang c) Key Ideas The paper's authors give a methodology for prefix interception along with an implementation of this methodology using one of their own prefixes and the results from real traffic. The authors also estimate what percentage of traffic sent to a prefix may can be hijacked and intercepted and perform a study over real data to try to detect possible ongoing interception. d) Novelness The authors propose and evaluate the effectiveness of a method for hijacking and intercepting Internet traffic using invalid route advertisements. e) Methodology The methodology for hijacking and intercepting traffic destined for a give prefix is based upon sending out invalid route advertisements telling other ASes that either 1) they own the target prefix or 2) that they are one hop away. They then emulated a malicious ISP using a total of 4 geographically distributed routers which established peer relationships with other ISPs and, some of which, sent out invalid routing advertisements, the effectiveness of which they then quantify. f) Improvement I would have liked to have seen a detailed analysis as to why their estimates for a few of the known prefix hijacking events were not always correct. Also, I would be curious to see if they could then use this to obtain a tighter estimate for the amount of potential hijacking and interception because their current estimates have fairly wide ranges. g) Importance I think this is an important paper, particularly to people interested in security and privacy. It gives a good analysis of prefix hijacking and interception along with experimental data to back up their claims. This seems like research that could definitely be built upon....
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