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Unformatted text preview: b) What is the key, title, and authors of the paper? Key: [Gummadi03a] Title: Measurement, modelling, and analysis of a peer-to-peer file-sharing workload Authors: Krishna P. Gummadi, Richard J. Dunn, Stefan Saroiu, Steven D. Gribble, Henry M. Levy, and John Zahorjan c) what are the key ideas or claims of the paper (state the idea and explain it briefly in 1-2 sentences)? The paper analyzes modern P2P file sharing system (namely, Kazaa) and claims that the "fetch-at-most-once" characteristic of P2P users causes its non-zipf behavior. It also develops a model to show the importance of new clients and files birth rates and shows that 'proxy cache" and "locality-aware mechanisms" can reduce the outbound traffic load. d) what is novel about the paper (state the idea and why it is novel, 1 sentence; note that this may be different than your answer to (a))? The paper provides an in-depth analysis on Kazaa file sharing networks and comes up with ways to reduce the external bandwidth consumption. e) what methodology (or methodologies) does the paper use (1-2 sentences)? The author analyzes real Kazaa P2P network traffic (not simulation) at the University of Washington for 200 days and develop a model to show the important aspects of the network. It also compares Kazaa traffic with Web traffic as well as multimedia traffic. f) what is the best way the paper could best be improved (1-3 sentences)? (Ideally, improvements would be new work that extend, generalize, or fix the prior paper?future work. Alternatively, the improvements could a specific better way to present the material.) In addition to merely focusing on Kazaa, it would be interesting to see how other P2P networks such as eMule or Bittorrent operates and what characteristics they share with or differ from Kazaa networks. Moreover, it would be more interesting to analyze the P2P network traffic at a larger and more diverse scale instead of only university students since people with different occupation and location might behave differently. g) do you consider this paper important or not, and why (1-2 sentences)? It is important since the paper analyzes an important aspect of modern internet - P2P network. It shows how to reduce the P2P traffic load, which might help to alleviate the network overloading problem that are caused by heavy P2P traffic on many networks. ...
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