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HW1 Q1 [Hussain03b]

HW1 Q1 [Hussain03b] - Ans The authors perform experiments...

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Sheet1 Page 1 b) What is the key, title, and authors of the paper? Ans: [Hussain03b] A Framework for classifying Denial of Service Attacks, Ale?ya Hussain, John Heidemann, Christos Papado p c) What are the key ideas or claims of the paper (state the idea and explain it brie?y in one - two sentences) Ans : The key idea of this paper is to present techniques and tools which could classify DoS attacks as single-source or multi- s d) What is novel about the paper. Ans : This is the first paper to use Spectral analysis for classifying DoS attacks and prove that the spectral content of packet s t e) What methodology (or methodologies) does the paper use (1-2 sentences)?
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Unformatted text preview: Ans : The authors perform experiments and simulation at local site (victim) and a 2nd monitoring site (USC), with synthetic att a f) What is the best way the paper could best be improved (1-3 sentences)? Ans: The paper could have been improved, by including more details on how the 3 techniques could be incorporated to make a g) Do you consider this paper important or not, and why (1-2 sentences)? Ans : Yes, I consider this paper important, since network security is an important area of focus today, and existing header bas e...
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