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HW1 Q2 [Crovella97a]

HW1 Q2 [Crovella97a] - Statistical tools were used to...

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Sheet1 Page 1 b) What is the key, title, and authors of the paper? Key - Crovella97a Title - Self-Similarity in World Wide Web Traffic: Evidence and Possible Causes Authors - M. E. Crovella and A. Bestavros c) what are the key ideas or claims of the paper (state the idea and explain it briefly in 1-2 sentences)? The paper emperically proves that self-similarity exists in web-traffic. It further shows its dependence on size of the files on we d) what is novel about the paper (state the idea and why it is novel, 1 sentence Pioneer work to prove self-similarity among www class of traffic. e) what methodology (or methodologies) does the paper use (1-2 sentences)?
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Unformatted text preview: Statistical tools were used to process server and client WWW traffic traces. All the experiments and simulations are detailed and well conducted however, a small amount of traces from another browser s g) do you consider this paper important or not, and why (1-2 sentences)? No, I don't consider this paper very important as it shows the self-similarity in web traffic (which was conjectures earlier too an d f) what is the best way the paper could best be improved (1-3 sentences)? (Ideally, improvements would be new work that ext e Sheet1 Page 2 note that this may be different than your answer to (a))?...
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