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Sheet1 Page 1 b) Key : [Feldmann00a] Title: Deriving Traf?c Demands for Operational IP Networks: Methodology and Experience Authors: Anja Feldmann, Albert Greenberg, Carsten Lund, Nick Reingold, Jennifer Rexford, and Fred True c) The key idea of the paper is proposing a model to build a network, considering traffic demand across an Internet Service Pr o d) The novel thing about the paper is the approach to designing a backbone IP network based on traffic demands (based on r
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Unformatted text preview: e e) The methodology of the paper is analysis and experimental. It includes studying the traffic demands using routing tables an d f) The results of experiment show that there were a small number of heavy hitters. However, today the internet has evolved to s g) The paper is important because it deals with providing better service to customers of ISPs and emphasizes the fact that tra f...
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