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HW1 Q3[Dierks99a] - e e)The paper is both an analysis as...

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Sheet1 Page 1 b)Key of the paper - [Dierks99a] Title - Request for Comments: TLS protocol V1.0 Authors - T.Dierks and C.Allen c)The paper presents a cryptographic analysis as well as a detailed system level implementation of the TLS protocol that provides security and data integrity for communication o networks such as the internet. d)This is the first of the numerous RFC's that were published on the TLS protocol and outlined a protocol that even today is th
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Unformatted text preview: e e)The paper is both an analysis as well as a systems paper. It provides a detailed analysis of of the various encryption and ha s f)Given that TLS is essentially a successor of SSL, the paper does not clearly discuss the changes in the TLS protocol V1 as c g)The paper is extremely important as it presents, in detail, the analysis and implementation details of the successor of the SSL protocol which is still used today for secure sock e...
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