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BIBC 102 handout 4

BIBC 102 handout 4 - BIBC 102 Coleman Section B05 Monday...

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BIBC 102 Coleman JP Abraham Section: B05 Monday 3:00p - 3:50p CENTR 218 [email protected] Handout 4 (10/6) Review Triose Phosphate Isomerase mutations and their effect on free energy of activation General idea: mutations increase free energy of activation Ex. Lid loop deletion: there is a 500,000 fold difference in kJ between functional enzyme and lid loop deletion Ex. Exchange Glutamic acid for Aspartic Acid at AA 165: there is a decrease in rate of reaction 1000 fold Serine Proteases they catalyze the hydrolysis of a peptide bond o literally, hydrolysis means “cut with water” there are different serine proteases have different specificity they always cut at the carboxy side of the bond there are other important amino acids in serine proteases o Aspartic Acid, Histidine, and Serine Serine Protease example : Trypsin cuts on carboxyl side of Lys-Arg active site consists of: o Serine residue poking into active site o a narrow cleft with negative charge at the bottom of it Serine Protease example : Chymotrypsin
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