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Lecture 3B Cell Organization 10/11/07 1. Explain the overall structure and function of the Golgi apparatus. 2. Understand the processes of phagocytosis, pinocytosis, and endocytosis 3. Describe the functions of the cytoskeleton. 4. Describe the structure, monomers, and functions of microtubules. 5. Describe the fluidity of the components of a cell membrane and explain how membrane fluidity is influenced by temperature and membrane composition. 6. Explain the topological relationship between cytoplasm and vesicle contents. Word List cell wall chloroplast cytoskeleton dynein endocytosis exocytosis extracellular matrix flagellum glycoprotein glycoprotein Golgi apparatus intermediate filament lysosome microfilament microtubule mitochondrion phagocytosis phagocytosis pinocytosis plasma membrane proteoglycan vacuole Eukaryotic Cell Organization Outline 1. Nucleus - DNA and RNA synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: - Chromosomes: single DNA double helices) - Nucleolus: site for ribosome assembly 2. Cytoplasm - Protein synthesis and metabolism - Cytosol (fluid) - Ribosomes - Vacuoles (large) and Vesicles (small) - Organelles (specialized structures) - Cytoskeleton (structural and contractile apparatus) a. Ribosomes - Site of protein synthesis Free Ribosomes - Synthesis of soluble proteins Bound Ribosomes - Synthesis of secreted and membrane proteins b. Endoplasmic Reticulum Smooth -Hormone, lipid production Rough (RER) - Protein synthesis c. Golgi Apparatus - Protein and lipid processing and trafficking d. Mitochondria - Metabolic release of chemical energy e. Chloroplasts (plants) - Photosynthesis Double Membrane Organelles: - Nucleus; mitochondria, chloroplasts Single Membrane Organelles: - ER, Golgi Apparatus, Centrioles (animals only) - Lysosome (animals) and Peroxisomes (plants)...
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