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Questions from BILD1 Nov. 14, 2006 Midterm II NOTE: Exam has been edited to include only that material that will be covered on Midterm II for Fall 2007. 1. For each of the following terms, provide a definition, link the term to a process, and describe why the term is important or significant. B. nondisjunction C. synapsis D. PSII E. G3P 2. Consider the following branched biosynthetic pathway, in which five enzymes (e1 to e5) convert molecule A into intermediate molecules B, C, and F and then into products D and G. Suppose that the cellular need for D and G is unequal and varies under different growth conditions. Describe how negative feedback inhibition could regulate the pathway to most effectively meet cellular needs. Include in your answer one or more specific molecules and enzyme targets. 3. Suppose you take two equal aliquots (samples) of a yeast culture and supply both with a small but equal amount of glucose. You fill an airtight bottle with aliquot A and place aliquot B into an open shallow container. Both cultures eventually stop growing because they run out of food to provide energy for cell
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BILD1FA07ProbSet3 - Questions from BILD1 Nov 14 2006...

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