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Chapter 12 The Cell Cycle Lecture Objectives 1. List the phases of mitosis and describe the events characteristic of each phase. 2. List the phases of the cell cycle and describe the sequence of events that occurs during each phase. 3. Recognize the phases of mitosis from diagrams and micrographs. 4. Draw or describe the spindle apparatus, including centrosomes, kinetochore microtubules, asters, and centrioles (in animal cells). 5. Explain the current model for poleward chromosomal movement. 6. Compare cytokinesis in animals and in plants.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Describe the roles of checkpoints, cyclin, Cdk, and MPF in the cell cycle control system. 8. Describe how chromosome number changes throughout the human life cycle. Key Words anaphase apoptosis cell cycle cell division centromere centrosome checkpoint chromatin chromosome cleavage furrow cyclin cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) cytokinesis G phase G 1 phase G 2 phase gamete interphase kinetochore M phase meiosis metaphase metaphase plate mitosis mitotic (M) phase mitotic spindle MPF prophase S phase sister chromatids telophase...
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