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Lecture 6B – Redox Reactions and Glycolysis 1. In general terms, distinguish between fermentation and cellular respiration. 2. Write the specific chemical equation for the degradation of glucose. 3. Define oxidation and reduction. 4. Explain in general terms how redox reactions are involved in energy exchanges. 5. Describe the role of NAD+ in cellular respiration. 6. Describe how the carbon skeleton of glucose changes as it proceeds through
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Unformatted text preview: glycolysis. 7. Explain why ATP is required for the preparatory steps of glycolysis. 8. State the basic function of fermentation. Word List acetyl CoA aerobic alcoholic fermentation fermentation glycolysis lactic acid fermentation NAD+ oxidation oxidative phosphorylation oxidizing agent redox reaction reducing agent reduction substrate-level phosphorylation...
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