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Lect2B_07Study Guide

Lect2B_07Study Guide - lipid macromolecule monomer peptide...

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Lecture 2B - Isomers and Macromolecules 10/4/07 1. Distinguish among the three common types of isomers: structural, geometric, and enantiomeric. 2. Distinguish between monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. 3. Describe the difference between the plant products starch and cellulose. 4. Describe the structure of fatty acids. 5. Distinguish between saturated and unsaturated fats. 6. Name the components of a nucleotide. 7. Describe the major components of an amino acid. Explain how amino acids may be grouped according to the physical and chemical properties of the R group. 8. Explain how a peptide bond forms between two amino acids. Word List alpha carbon amino acid cellulose dehydration reaction disaccharide enantiomer fatty acid geometric isomer hydrolysis isomer lipid macromolecule
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Unformatted text preview: lipid macromolecule monomer peptide bond polymer polypeptide polysaccharide R group ribose saturated fatty acid starch structural isomer sugar triacylglycerol unsaturated fatty acid Isomers Molecules that that contain the same number of atoms of the same elements but that differ in the arrangement of atoms. Structural isomers differ in which atoms are bonded to each other. Geometric Isomers have different geometric configurations, as when atoms or groups of atoms have alternative arrangements on either side of a double bond or other rigid bond. Stereoisomers have the same atoms bonded to each other but differ in the way these atoms are arranged in space. Enantiomers are stereoisomers that are mirror images of each other. Note: Glucose and galactose are stereoisomers, but not enantiomers ....
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