312 CBA 5 - "After carefully reading through the...

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“After carefully reading through the Module background material, and these articles, I am asked to answer the following questions: A) What would be the major considerations for building a cross functional team? B) What do you as the manager need to do, so that a SMWT will be effective in their task?” Cross functional teams can be a very powerful part of an organization. With the right assistance and guidance a cross functional team could bring numerous ideas to the drawing board for today’s businesses. Hands on knowledge in the military has showed me that cross functional teams can be used in a variety of situations. These can include specific tasks, operational ideas, command assessments and leadership situations. Basically, these teams can help an organization in a multitude of ways. In this paper I will elaborate on the benefits of cross functional teams while answering the assigned questions. Before a corporation brings together a team, they have to determine if there is a need for one. They need to ask themselves several questions to determine their expectations and outcome of the teams assignment. Why do they need a cross functional team? And who do they need on the team? Here organizations need to understand the benefits of a group. They can bring to the table a multitude of
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312 CBA 5 - "After carefully reading through the...

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