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sythesis of literature windows - Worrell 1 Charles Worrell...

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Worrell 1 Charles Worrell 8291-8419 November 2, 2008 Synthesis of Literature The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has come under intense scrutiny in- volving its Space Exploration Program. The controversy is derived from skepticism of the agency’s merit following the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia upon reentry to the Earth’s at- mosphere in 2003. Opposition has claimed that the program is not economically efficient with its large cost and its apparently limited scientific output. Additional arguments include the safety of the Astronauts and the lack of future to the program. These arguments have given way to the calling for dismissal of funding of the program. However, the NASA administration in conjunc- tion with the current Presidential Administration, has publicized the future goals and deadlines for the program. This new outline of the program also includes where all funding will go and ad- dresses the new safety features added to the Space Shuttle Orbiters. Following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, skepticism of NASA’s capabilities began to go public. Many people claimed that the space program was inefficient economically due to its apparent lack of scientific output (Alexander, 1, 1999; BCC News, 1, 1999; Cook, 2, 2005.) One political group also makes claims that the program is a waste of tax dollars and should no
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sythesis of literature windows - Worrell 1 Charles Worrell...

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