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Charles Worrell 8291-8419 ENC 1102 “NASA Shuttle Upgrades” (NASA) The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently released the plan for an upgrade to the Space Shuttle Orbiter’s engine. By putting sensors on the two main engine pumps, NASA can now look at the rates at which the precisely balanced pumps operate and monitor them for the slightest malfunction. Upon any recognition of malfunction, the sensor would shut the engine down and, depending at what timeframe in the ascent this occurs, the shuttle would take a specified “detour” for the safety of the Astronauts. This upgrade would be initially placed on one engine for mission STS-117, but used in all three launches on STS-118. Although the Space Shuttle Orbiter program is set on being phased out over the next five years, this will main- tain a new level of safety until that occurs. This new upgrade has been caused after outcries fol- lowing the Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia disasters. However, since the inception of
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  • Winter '08
  • Space Shuttle Columbia, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Space Shuttle Orbiter, space shuttle orbiters

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