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Exam 1 will cover information provided on the following topics for Module 1: * Nutrition * Water * Energy * Proteins * Proteins and Health * Carbohydrates * Carbohydrates and Health Study Questions for Nutrition 1. The 8 factors for "LIFE IN THE PRIMEVAL SEA" are: abundant oxygen abundant water constant osmotic pres- sure buffers against change constant temperature constant acidity bulk for dilution chemical supply 2. What is my definition of nutrition: Nutrition defines what chemicals (Qualitative); and how much (Quantitative); an indi- vidual needs to maintain health and well-being. 3. Name the 3 main individuals important to nutrition and what their significance was. Hippocrates -one aliment (one universal nutrient) Prout - 3 nutrients (oily, saccharine & albumin) also known as fats, carbohydrates and proteins Hopkins - accessory growth factor - later known as vitamins 4. What was the "DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURES"? Appearance is related to function 5. Draw a line connecting the nutrients with their nutritional function(s). - Energy Fat, Protein, CHO - Building Blocks Fat, Protein, Minerals - Maintenance Fat, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals 6. Define Minimal Daily Requirement (MDR); Mininmal amount of a nutrient below which deficiency signs will occur Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA); Optimal amount of a nutrient for health and well-being Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI); Replaces the old label USRDA term Daily Reference Values (DRV); Are for 8-9 food constituents that consumers want more information about Daily Values (DV); Are expressed as a percentage of the RDI and DRV on the label 7. The organization responsible for formulating the RDA's: Food and Nutrition Board, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences
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The RDA's are based on a normally distributed population for each nutrient. The RDA is determined by taking 2 standard deviations from the mean value, which accounts for what ~98 percentage of the population obtaining health and well being. The main factors which separate individual RDA's are age and gender 8. Define Total Parenteral (T.P.N) and Total Enteral Nutrition (T.E.N): T.P.N. - nutrients are supplied to the body by intravenous feeding T.E.N. - nutrients supplied to the body by a nasal tube fed into the gut 9. What does your body really need to survive chemicals? How many nutrients does the body need? 20, 30, 40, >50 10. Describe the format for a Nutritional Label? Review Page 8-9 Study Questions for Water 1. The major water is found in the intracellular compartment and the major mineral in this compartment is potassium (K) 2. Other water compartments besides the one above are extracellular which includes in- travascular, extravascular, and interstitial waters. The major extracellular mineral is so- dium (Na) 3. TBW is equal to 72% LBM. 4. List 5 functions of water Structural - part of bone (Ca, P, protein, water) Lubricant - water helps to lubricate joints, etc. as a part of mucus Chemical Reactions - water is a product or reactant in many biological reactions in the cell Solvent - universal solvent, most of the nutrients are dissolved in water
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word notes 1 - Exam 1 will cover information provided on...

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