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Worrell 1 Chad Worrell ENC1102-69 Michael Cooper 25 March 2008 Marriage: It’s Certainly Not All the Same “I do” may well be one of the most popularly stated phrases spoken by an immense majority of the population of the United States. However, where these words once represented a lasting commitment of spending a lifetime with someone of the opposite or same sex, they have strayed from their most admired meaning and have completely flip-flopped into an essential pop cultural trend. Several eras and generations before us, marriage was ultimately defined as an enduring promise and pledge to a partner of one’s choice to create a united life. Almost anything can represent and symbolize this union: from joint banking accounts, to the home in the suburbs with the white picket fence, to any functional family that included a dog, to growing old together with a spouse and reminiscing about all of these situations years into the future. But to much dismay, a superior mainstream of the public have created their own interpretation concerning the merger of marriage. The society of Hollywood and countless celebrities have completely swayed the meaning of marriage into an entirely separate characterization of their choosing, ultimately turning it into a popularity contest and “fashionable” trend amongst others of their stature. Tabloids, like People magazine, have continually made enormous profits off of their frantic headlines claiming which celebrity married whom, who cheated on whom, and who
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Worrell 2 divorced whom within only a mere few months of printing and distributing the first headline. One of the most popular of these “quickie” marriages occurred several years ago at the hands of one of our most documented celebs, Britney Spears. Her infamous unforeseen first marriage will always be an epic example of this marital issue between these separate classes. To individuals in many societies, these short-term marriages are both a debatable and questionable representation of the holy union in which they were raised to have more respect towards. However, with the increasing trend of amplified salaries, and the help of personal stylists, most celebrities have lost sight of what marriage is simply meant to stand for according to most communities and several texts. But the effortless questions remain: what exactly is the stereotypical definition of marriage in the sense of non-celebrities and what are the particular differences that mold a marriage into these two completely separate classes of our society? Not only is celebrity-ism and the glamorization of Hollywood affecting the numerous outlooks on social class and hierarchy, but also the way how one can view the many institutions that shape and build society as a whole. We can certainly spot and compare these two types of marriages in their most easily obtained natures: through personal experiences based on child-rearing, and within the celebrity-enhanced magazine, People . Webster’s New Dictionary supplies two completely separate definitions in terms of
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Research Paper - Worrell 1 Chad Worrell ENC1102-69 Michael...

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