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//@line 44 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\toolkit\content\debug.js" var EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = ["NS_ASSERT"]; var gTraceOnAssert = true; /** * This function provides a simple assertion function for JavaScript. * If the condition is true, this function will do nothing. If the * condition is false, then the message will be printed to the console * and an alert will appear showing a stack trace, so that the (alpha * or nightly) user can file a bug containing it. For future enhancements, * see bugs 330077 and 330078. * * To suppress the dialogs, you can run with the environment variable * XUL_ASSERT_PROMPT set to 0 (if unset, this defaults to 1). * * @param condition represents the condition that we're asserting to be * true when we call this function--should be * something that can be evaluated as a boolean. * @param message a string to be displayed upon failure of the assertion */ function NS_ASSERT(condition, message) { if (condition) return; var releaseBuild = true; var defB = Components.classes[";1"]
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This note was uploaded on 08/06/2009 for the course SLSTU 1357 taught by Professor Quinto during the Spring '09 term at A.T. Still University.

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debug - /@line 44

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