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Unformatted text preview: McGill University - Centre for Continuing Education Department of Career and Management Studies ( COURSE OUTLINE FALL 2009 INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR MGCR 222 (741 / 761 / 771) LECTURERS: Dr. Zina Suissa Bronfman Building, Room 001 Jim Fraser Irv Rosenstein INSTRUCTIONAL FOCUS: Effective management of human resources within organizations requires an understanding of various behaviour and processes. Managers need to know why people behave as they do in relation to their jobs, their work groups and their organizations. This knowledge of individuals' perceptions, motivational attitudes and behaviour will enable managers to not only understand themselves better, but also to adopt appropriate managerial policies and leadership styles to increase their effectiveness. The focus of instruction will move progressively through the individual, group and organizational levels of behaviour and will examine the interrelationships of behaviourial phenomena among these levels. Additionally, concept such as motivation, communications and leadership and their relevance to organizational behaviour will be examined in detail....
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This note was uploaded on 08/06/2009 for the course MGCR MGCR-222 taught by Professor Suissa during the Winter '09 term at McGill.

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syllabus0 - McGill University - Centre for Continuing...

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