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Course BA 4349.501 Management of Financial Institutions Professor Mr. Scott R. Sanderson Term Summer 2009 Meetings Thursdays, 6pm – 9:45pm SOM x.xxxx Professor’s Contact Information Office Phone Cell 817-875-8905 (note that this is my cell – please avoid late night calls if possible) Other Phone Office Location Meetings by appointment Email Address [email protected] Office Hours After class and by appointment Other Information Adjunct Instructor – also SVP with Citi (Cards Division) General Course Information Pre- requisites, Prerequisites: Course Description BA 4349 incorporates the study of the financial management of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries. Emphasis will be given to the analysis of financial performance, lending decisions, asset- liability management and the management of institutional capital requirements. Additionally, strategic considerations such as evolving information technology, the changing regulatory environment and the impact of global competition in financial services will be examined. Also, the events of 2007-09 will be analyzed, with emphasis on subprime markets, securitization & its effects, and possible long-term implications of recent governmental interventions. Learning Outcomes 1. Be able to describe why financial intermediaries are “special” and what drove recent govt actions. 2. Be able to differentiate financial institutions based on the services they provide, sources and uses of funds and risks they bear. 3. Be able to list and describe the risks that depository institutions face. Required Texts & Materials Bank Management & Financial Services, Peter S. Rose & Sylvia C. Hudgins (McGraw-Hill Irwin, 7 th edition, 2007) Handouts Suggested Texts, & Materials PC with Excel along with Financial Calculator, such as HP-12C / TI BAII+ Wall Street Journal (available in the McDermott Library if you do not subscribe) Analysis Project A financial analysis project will be assigned around the time of the midterm, due at the final exam. It will be oriented around a credit evaluation of a public company (you are considering them for a loan or helping them issue a bond offering). Details will be given later in the term. [Topics, Reading Assignments, Due Dates, Exam Dates] DATE ASSIGNED MATERIAL (PRELIMINARY DRAFT) May 28 Introduction, The Subprime Situation & Chapter 1 June 4 June 11 June 18 June 25 Midterm exam July 2 Chapter 18 July 9 July 16 July 23 July 30 Aug 7 Final exam
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Course Policies Grading (credit) Criteria Grades will be based on the following: Midterm #1 35%; Analysis Project 20%; Final exam 35%; Participation 10% 90 to 100= A, 80 to 89 = B, 70 to 79 = C, 60 to 69 =D, below 60 = Make-up Exams Discuss with instructor Extra Credit TBD Late Work N/a Special Assignments Class Attendance
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4349%20Summer%202009%20syllabus%20-%20Preliminary%20v2 -...

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