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Homework 4 screen - 3 I did not want to invest more than...

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FieldName Operator Value 1 Broad Category Group = Equity 2 Morningstar Rating Overall >= 4 3 Minimum Initial <= 5000 4 Fund of Funds = No 5 Total Ret % Rank Cat 3 Yr (Daily) <= 5 6 # of Bond Holdings = 0 7 US Broad Asset Class Not= International Stock 8 Equity Style Box (Long) = Large Value 9 True No-Load = Yes 10 Holding of a Fund = Yes Name Ticker 1 Amana Trust Income AMANX 2 Columbia Dividend Income Z GSFTX 3 DWS Large Cap Value S KDCSX 4 5 First American Equity Income Y FAQIX 6 Forester Value FVALX 7 HIADX 8 Putnam Equity Income Y PEIYX 9 Tweedy, Browne Value TWEBX Screens Explanation 1 I wanted to invest in dominantly equity funds 2 I wanted and overall morning star rating of 4 or better because it serves as a pre-screen for better stocks
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Unformatted text preview: 3 I did not want to invest more than $5000 dollars in a fund because that is the amount of money that I have 4 I did not want to pay a fund to invest in another fund, its a waste of money in fees 5 I wanted top 5% of performers in past 3 years 6 I did not want a bond fund, I will invest in those separately 7 I wanted to invest only in the US because I know the domestic markets better than international ones 8 I wanted large cap value fund, as a young investor I can take little more risk with value stocks 9 did not want any load 10 I wanted the fund to be managed by a fund, because they would better manage a fund...
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Homework 4 screen - 3 I did not want to invest more than...

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