Project_Summer_2009 - BA 4346 Project Due Wednesday, August...

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BA 4346 Project Due Wednesday, August 3 (last day of class). Will accept with no penalty until Monday, August 10 (final exam date). Will accept with thirty-point penalty until 10 AM on August 12. Grade of zero after that. This is detailed, not to make it harder, but to make it easier. I want you to know exactly what you need to do and exactly how I expect it to look. I am certain that I will have to provide further clarifications as students point out various points that I failed to consider. If you see anything that needs further clarification, please let me know. This is an assignment, but it is also an opportunity. Try to make it good enough that you would be willing to show it to a client or potential employer as a sample of your work. o You may work by yourself or with one other student. You will both receive the same grade, regardless of how little your partner contributes. o Identify a person or family who will be your “client.” Use the names John Doe, Mary Doe, and reasonable first names for dear (deer) little Does if you use a family. If you want to create a simulated client, that’s fine. o Provide a description of factors that are relevant in determining an appropriate portfolio for the client (i.e., gather data). Purpose of portfolio, family situation, time horizon, and risk tolerance are among the many factors you should consider. o Specify client goals that are relevant to portfolio management.
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Project_Summer_2009 - BA 4346 Project Due Wednesday, August...

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