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CW abortion paper final draft

CW abortion paper final draft - Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs...

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Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs Professor Brown College Writing 102 February 21, 2007 Woman’s Right, Woman’s Choice Abortion is the source of much controversy throughout the United States. As many states are making decisions about whether to ban abortion, either completely or in certain cases, women are seeing their rights disappear. The issue has caused a rift in society between people who are “pro-life,” and those who are “pro-choice.” These movements are deeply rooted in religious, moral, legal, and biological factors, including fetal development, all of which come down to two complicated questions. What makes a fetus a human being, and when does this occur? Women have a right to obtain an abortion because only the woman can decide if she is ready to have a child. It is her body, and no one else’s. Anti-abortionists root their stance in the belief that human life begins the moment of conception. From fertilization, the genes that determine what that person will look like and who that person will be, are already set, creating a unique individual. Patrick Lee states in his book, , “Intentionally killing an innocent person always is morally wrong. Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent person. Therefore, Abortion is always morally wrong.” (1) Lee believes that because an embryo or fetus has the capacity to be a mature human being and think for itself, it is a human being. A zygote, a fertilized egg, will become a person, and abortion murders that person. Pro-lifers see that by one month, the fetus has a heart, arms, the beginning of legs, and a face has started to develop, and by two months all organs are present (Milestones of Early Life). An abortion doesn’t kill a mass of tissue, it kills something that looks like you and me, something that was created in the image of God. The Bible tells us
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Gibbs 2 that abortion is wrong. It is a perversion of sex, which has the sole purpose of reproduction. Anti-abortionists claim that abortion is dangerous and can be very detrimental to a woman’s health, causing punctures of the uterus, breast cancer, or even death. The pro-choice movement argues that to be a human being means more than simply
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CW abortion paper final draft - Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs...

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