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CW underage drinking paper

CW underage drinking paper - Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs Professor...

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Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs Professor Brown College Writing II 102 January 17, 2007 Underage Drinking in College: Students Know More Than Adults Think Many older adults believe that teens and college students drink heavily and are proud of it because they don’t know the dangers and possible consequences to a night of partying. I, however, believe that underage drinkers know exactly what they are doing. For many underage students drinking and partying is a normal pastime in college. There are several possible reasons why this is the case. Being a teenager and being away from home, completely alone is stressful and confusing. Drinking lessens that feeling of responsibility. Also, underage drinking is illegal and potentially dangerous. Drinking is a way for kids to prove to themselves and to their peers that they control their life, even if they are choosing to lose control. For a lot of kids, college is the first time they are on their own, without parental supervision. As is the case with one of my close friends, I believe that when parents are too restrictive and protective throughout high school, their child is much more likely to go overboard when he or she gets to college and is suddenly faced with a freedom that is completely new to them. My friend’s parents had controlled so much of his life, that when he got to college he drank and partied constantly, because, all of a sudden, he could. For many college students drinking is a way of showing that they alone have control over their lives. Choosing to lose control is a way of controlling their life. No one is there to tell them not to drink. Underage students like to drink, in part because it’s something they shouldn’t do, and it’s an easy way to deal with issues in their lives. Anything is fun when it’s not supposed to be done. It’s exhilarating knowing that there’s a chance to get caught. Teens and young adults have to test
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Gibbs 2 boundaries. There is a need to know how far boundaries can be stretched before they will snap back. The farther you can go the cooler you are. In their report, A Comparison of Social Cognitive and Psychosocial Predictors of Alcohol Use by College Students, Tara L. Kuther and
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CW underage drinking paper - Gibbs 1 Robin Gibbs Professor...

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